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Managing Your BusinessMore Like This

the solutions that will streamline your company and make your processes more efficient in 2018 are here! Construction Executive took a hard look at the hottest products designed to make the running of construction businesses a breeze. From project management to payroll solutions, these Hot Products have you covered.

• Viewpoint Team Project Management True Integration Between the Office and Project Teams
• Viewpoint Field View Focus on the Project, Not the Paperwork
• Viewpoint Spectrum Talent Management Streamline HR Processes With Spectrum Talent Management
• Viewpoint Enterprise Cloud Get Out of the IT Business and Get Back Into Construction
• Oasis Takeoff Simplify Project Management With Oasis Takeoff
• CMiC Field A Solution to Simplify and Enhance Project Management and Resource Planning
• Canon TX Series Printers The Next Standard of Engineering
• eCMS Cloud Construction ERP Integrated Construction Financial and Project Management Software Drives Efficiency Between the Field and the Office
• FOUNDATION Job Cost Accounting + Project Management + Mobile The Official Software of 2020
• Stop Doing Your Payroll
• Pype The ‘Rosetta Stone’ for Specifications
• GPS Insight Tailored Fleet Tracking and ELD Solutions
• Sage Mobile Projects Project Management App Connects Construction Businesses
• Construction Suite  By UDA Technologies—Trusted Leader in Construction Software for More Than a Decade
• eTakeoff Removing the Complexity From Model-based Estimating
• Procore Plug Into Unlimited Possibilities
• Eclipse Explorer Offers Powerful and Intuitive Solutions
• Paperless Environments Save Time and Money With Electronic Solutions From the Leading Construction Content Management Solution Provider
• RedTeam Construction Management Platform Built for the Way You Work
• Sensera Systems Automated Site Monitoring and Security for Construction
• Summit Cloud Desktop The IT Platform Built to Run Your Business
• eSUB Time Automation Time Tracking for Employees
• COINS SureStart Reduce the Risk of an ERP Implementation With COINS SureStart

Managing Your BusinessMore Like This

You know the old saying, “He can’t see the forest for the trees.” It’s easy to get sidetracked by the responsibilities, projects and people that need tending to every day and ignore the bigger picture. Executives and business owners can sometimes miss out on where and how they can improve output and efficiency, simply by being too close to the project. We know that we need to pay attention to processes and stay on top of the latest tools coming out of the tech industry, but it’s not always feasible in the fast-paced world of construction. That’s why getting a pair of experienced, fresh eyes to take a look at how things are being delegated is the best way to save money while increasing productivity and morale. Continue »