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The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the Financial Standards Accounting Board (FASB) recently issued new accounting standards related to lease assets. For public companies following FASB standards, the effective date for implementation is for the fiscal year beginning on or after Dec. 15, 2018. For all other companies, the effective date of the FASB standard will be for the fiscal year beginning on or after Dec. 15, 2019.

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Fleet ManagementMore Like This

Sometimes, renting equipment makes perfect sense. In this still-tight credit environment, some lenders aren’t willing to finance a large piece of equipment, or an outright purchase might not add up financially if the equipment is only needed for a short duration. For contractors on a budget, rental companies usually have the latest models in their inventories, a luxury that is out of reach for many smaller firms. Plus, renting equipment is convenient, with the duty of maintenance, setup and transportation being someone else’s problem.

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Materials & EquipmentMore Like This

It has taken some time, but the construction industry is finally experiencing the benefits of using e-commerce to buy, sell and rent used and surplus equipment and materials. The old days of a construction project manager working the phone with a broker or intermediary to source or dispose of supplies are over. E-commerce, and its use through mobile tablets and smartphones, has radically changed the process, thereby increasing the speed of transactions, lowering costs, reducing project timelines—and even improving the planet’s carbon footprint.

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Building a positive brand image is incredibly important to every business because it is how your customers recognize and remember you. The way your brand is perceived will determine the tone that your brand is talked about within the community. Along with building a brand that is positive and recognizable, you also need to protect your fleet from being recognized for the wrong reasons. Continue »

There is a common misconception that vehicle-installed and cell phone GPS tracking systems are practically the same technology, but they are actually very different. There are many GPS-enabled applications, like field service and workforce management software, that use GPS data from cell phones as their main source of location information. It is important to recognize that cell phone tracking information is not the same as what you will receive from vehicle-installed GPS tracking devices. Continue »