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“If we build it, they will come” doesn’t just apply to fictional baseball fields. It also applies to building better benefits plans in an effort to keep and retain better construction workers. Looking back on 2016, it’s no question that the construction industry is making big changes to employee benefits. Like most industries, construction is facing rising health care costs—all while balancing the demands of attracting and retaining skilled workers.

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Large employers have some serious and potentially costly new obligations under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. For executives who aren’t yet sure whether their company qualifies as a large employer, it’s time to fire up a spreadsheet program and sit down with the accountant. Determining a company’s classification will take more than back-of-the-envelope figuring. Continue »

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Mergers, acquisitions, and other changes in ownership were complex before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Now, health care reform adds new factors to the financial equation that may be overlooked during the planning and due diligence phases of the merger or acquisition.

As companies plan for the next round of health care reform changes, they are learning the surprising ways in which reform affects  finances, especially when a major corporate change is a factor. Below are some examples of employee benefits situations to keep in mind when reviewing a potential change in ownership. Continue »

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Many of the key provisions associated with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act have begun to take effect, and implementation will continue well into the coming year. This complicated bill can leave business owners feeling like they have been left standing at the station as the health care reform train rolled by. Continue »

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Preventing injuries is the main goal of a jobsite safety program, but it is only part of a contractor’s overall loss-prevention effort. An injury on the job has a human cost for the employee, but it also sets in motion the machinery of workers’ compensation, which can seriously affect a contractor’s costs. A proactive return-to-work program typically rewards the contractor with lower claim costs and a lower experience modification factor. Continue »

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This year is just getting started and the writing already may be on the wall for taxes in 2013. Careful planning and properly timed action could significantly impact taxes paid in 2012, 2013 and beyond. With the current political environment and recent legislative action (or inaction), experts predict personal income and capital gains tax rates are likely to rise in 2013. Higher taxes on ordinary dividends and the estate/gift tax also may be imposed in 2013—not to mention a higher Medicare payroll tax and surtax on high-income earners. Continue »