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If only strategic planning was as simple as it sounds. Leaders in the construction industry benefit from the action of strategic planning in addition to a mindset of strategic planning. Together, these components set the stage for sustainable organizational health. A strategic plan cannot happen in a vacuum; rather, it’s an integral part of a construction company that understands the need for driven growth.

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Employee MotivationMore Like This

How does a business leader in commercial and industrial construction implement inspiration in the team? There are thousands of books on leadership theory and organizational culture, but if a leader does not understand how to practically implement those theories, they will not benefit the team. There are several ways to cultivate an inspired team. Following are five ideas for construction executives to implement with field-based, office-based and remote-based teams.

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All contractors have experienced bumps in the road — from surprises to delays to the wrong interpretation of plans. These can add up to a lot of headaches and put a dent in your profit margin. Once a bid is won, why not avoid costly mistakes and errors by taking a more proactive approach? You can then build on this process and apply lessons learned. Let’s review how you can use best practices to keep clients happy — from start to finish. Continue »

Best PracticesMore Like This

Business leaders have always been scrutinized for their decision making. In 1914, Henry Ford was both denounced as a fool and praised for doubling wages of factory employees from $2.34 to $5 per day. In 1987, Merck & Company decided to give away a cure for river blindness for free, an unfathomable choice for most pharmaceuticals, because they recognized the cost of the drug would be too high for impoverished international markets.

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