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While many layout and design visions for facilities are practical and positive, they are not always implemented with occupant comfort in mind. Take acoustics for example—many facilities choose flooring options that are easy to clean and maintain without considering the effects on those surrounded by them. However, when these effects start affecting the wellbeing of a patient and the learning or concentration of a student, it’s time to change the way in which facility layouts and design visions are perceived. There are two main industries in which the flooring choice really matters. Continue »

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It’s hard to go to a construction tradeshow or read an analyst report without hearing about a new drone company or how drones are going to eventually impact construction. Today, advanced drone hardware is available at low prices, and U.S. regulation has enabled commercial drone use to be easy for companies and service providers to adopt. Most importantly, companies have built custom software solutions to suit the exact needs of construction companies.

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