Keeping up to date on current projects has been a thorn in the paw of many subcontractors. But, so many of the project management solutions are created with general contractors in mind. What about the subcontractors? eSUB Construction Software is a cloud-based project management solution tailored specifically for subcontractors to increase standardization, accountability, and productivity in a format that lends itself to complete collaboration amongst all team players. It’s also easy to use. Continue »

Imagine the life cycle of a piece of paper. It becomes important as soon as your project manager marks on it with timecard data and notes about job progress, like materials used and quantities complete. Then it enters his pocket or her folio, and it sits there—we’re not sure how long. But one day, it eventually does make it home to your offices, where then someone has to interpret the handwriting and manually enter everything into your construction software. Finally, after a long, hard life, the paper can retire, whether to a bottomless filing cabinet or the bottom of a waste bin—until you realize one of the numbers may have been entered wrong! Continue »