There is a common misconception that vehicle-installed and cell phone GPS tracking systems are practically the same technology, but they are actually very different. There are many GPS-enabled applications, like field service and workforce management software, that use GPS data from cell phones as their main source of location information. It is important to recognize that cell phone tracking information is not the same as what you will receive from vehicle-installed GPS tracking devices. Continue »

The humble and lowly estimate, the quiet and critical piece of a complex puzzle that changes landscapes and skylines simply based on an intricate assembly of measurements and calculations. Before feet can hit the ground and changes commence, it is the estimate that pioneers every project. The estimate impacts the entire team, the total project and the experience as a whole. Estimators deserve methods and technology that allow them to operate efficiently while effectively delivering benefits to the whole business. Continue »

Whether you’ve done certified payroll reports in the past, or you’re just now considering jobs that require these reports, there’s always a little hesitation that comes with taking on government-funded projects. And it’s easy to see why: The reporting requirements can be daunting! But these projects are great opportunities for contractors and can prove to be very lucrative. Plus, with the right tools (like construction accounting software) in place, producing these reports can be easy.

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