At the World of Concrete conference in Las Vegas earlier this year, I took a course called No Bad Jobs: Pre-Con That Every Contractor Must Embrace, by Brad Humphrey. He spoke at the conference for the past 16 years and has written several books including The 21st Century Supervisor. Continue »

According to Forbes, construction spending in the first three months of 2015 totaled $206.7 billion. Despite a robust construction market, many contractors are seeing obstacles to overall profitability such as the increasing cost of building materials and larger average building size. With this increased pressure on the bottom line, contractors are seeking new ways to reduce costs and achieve greater operational efficiency across all project areas. Continue »

Myths don’t always make the world magical. In fact, sometimes they make our world more limited. Take this one for example: Short guys can’t dunk. That’s what most people believed until they saw 5-foot-7-inch Spud Webb leap to the rim. Doing business teaches us a lot of things, but not all of them are true, and some can actually hold us back. When it comes to construction accounting software, not knowing what else is out there can lead contractors to think the way things have been is just the way things have to be, and that can set false limitations on your business. These myths are more than likely signs that a company has outgrown its current system and that it’s time to shatter the misconceptions with new expectations. Continue »