The construction industry is at a point where performance improvements and productivity gains are required to stay ahead of the competition.

Without the right data in your pocket, it’s nearly impossible to see where improvements can be made. And with disconnected systems–or, even worse, pen and paper–capturing the data you need is nearly impossible. Continue »

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has published standard form agreements since 1888. AIA Contract Documents have long been viewed as the industry standard in reflecting current industry practices and fairly balancing the risks and responsibilities of all project participants. To keep up with legal and practice developments, AIA has put together a comprehensive set of revisions to its 2017 owner-contractor agreements. Continue »

Construction companies employ diverse workforces that collaborate from remote offices to deliver the best designs and buildings. Supporting collaboration among employees, contractors and partners has been difficult with poor WAN (Internet) connection, complex deployment and high carrier cost per site.

Register for this webinar to learn how Rockford Construction uses VeloCloud’s WAN solution to create high availability networks for all its remote offices.
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