All contractors have experienced bumps in the road — from surprises to delays to the wrong interpretation of plans. These can add up to a lot of headaches and put a dent in your profit margin. Once a bid is won, why not avoid costly mistakes and errors by taking a more proactive approach? You can then build on this process and apply lessons learned. Let’s review how you can use best practices to keep clients happy — from start to finish. Continue »

Building a positive brand image is incredibly important to every business because it is how your customers recognize and remember you. The way your brand is perceived will determine the tone that your brand is talked about within the community. Along with building a brand that is positive and recognizable, you also need to protect your fleet from being recognized for the wrong reasons. Continue »

The next wave of momentum moving construction business management forward with technology is the initiative to shift resources out of internally managed IT departments and into externally hosted environments in the cloud. Cloud computing brings convenient, affordable access to construction accounting, project management and estimating software that many predict to be the turning point in how construction companies manage IT.

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It seems that sales tax compliance has never been more complicated. To help your contracting business achieve greater success and security, the tax experts at Avalara have compiled 12 Sales Tax Tips for Contractors. Each tip was selected by an Avalara sales tax expert, and is designed to help your contracting business you stay on top of the ever-shifting sales tax landscape, better manage 1099s and handle exemption certificates quickly and efficiently – which helps you spend your time on revenue producing activities. Continue »