Merchants Bonding Company Salutes BB&T of Fairfax, Virginia

The Leaderboard Program, created by Merchants Bonding Company™, salutes a select few agency partners each year who have demonstrated their surety savvy and collaboration for growth.  We salute BB&T Insurance Services  of Fairfax, Virginia, and Alex Roddey for surety professionalism in 2012.  Merchants Bonding has partnered with BB&T of Fairfax for more than a decade.  We thank them for the successes we’ve had together and recognize them for sharing our common sense vision.  See our online salute to BB&T Insurance Services of Fairfax, Virginia, here.Merchants Bonding Company Common Sense Surety Since 1933

Merchants Bonding Company’s approach to surety bonding for contractors is common sense underwriting. Accounts are reviewed on their own merit and we do not use inflexible formulas.

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