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Fundamentals for Finding the Best Trench and Excavation Safety Program

Trench and excavation safety training programs are often vital to ensure that employees have the knowledge necessary to safely and efficiently operate in the construction sector.

Before introducing employees to a quality safety training program, it is important to know how to find reliable instructors. Consider the following fundamentals for selecting a training program in the field of trench and excavation work.


The methodology behind a training program should be concise and efficient. Conduct research and find reviews on training programs and what the experts can offer. To learn more about a specific program, contact the instructors and ask for references. Participants should receive a card indicating completion of the course and a copy of the OSHA Trench and Excavation Standard, Subpart P.

Complete Courses Relevant to the Field

Business owners should make sure the program can provide their employees with the complete training they need. Excavation training courses should cover:

  • OSHA standard procedures as they relate to the field;
  • soil classification, timber shoring, aluminum shoring, sloping and benching;
  • requirements for protective systems and site specific engineering; and
  • overall safety requirements.

If the program does not cover these, look elsewhere.

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  1. I like what this article says about quality. I definitely agree that quality of the education should be a focus of both parties. I will definitely be looking for the attributes that were mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is very important to stay safe on the job, especially if you are around large machinery and equipment all day long. For those that work in excavating, you need to be careful. I’ve seen where someone accidentally got a bucket load of dirt dropped on them because they weren’t paying attention.

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