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Profiles in Productivity: Your Guide To Problem Solving Your Construction Business

You know that old saying, “He can’t see the forest for the trees.” It’s easy for us to get sidetracked by the responsibilities, projects and people we tend to every day and ignore the bigger picture. Executives and business owners can sometimes miss out on where and how they can improve output and efficiency, simply by being too close to the project. We know that we need to pay attention to processes and stay on top of the latest tools coming out of the tech industry, but this is not always feasible in the fast paced world of construction. That’s why getting a pair of experienced, fresh eyes to take a look on how things are being delegated is the best way to save money while increasing productivity and morale.

From tweaking payroll to reorganizing the way information is shared, small changes and an investment in technology can lead to time and money savings. Take a note from some of the most successful businesses in the industry and see how they contracted out issues that could have decimated their business, to great success.

These “Profiles In Productivity” case studies are this year’s prime examples of how a new set of eyes can bring stellar results to companies with big challenges. From serious growth to labor issues, read on to find out how quick thinking executives decided to bring in an expert to solve issues that can make or break a business.

Check out CE‘s profiles in productivity:

Growing Pains: Moss & Associates Case Study

SashaSeco250x200Successful growth can lead to efficiency challenges. After the Moss & Associates expanded from 10 to 600 employees, CMiC created stunning results by offering the contractor one reliable source of truth and streamlining its operations.

Automate These Four Key Work Processes to Drive Great Productivity

Viewpoint_Logo_NEW_2017_05_Square250x200Increased productivity starts with improving key work processes. These four studied processes from Viewpoint can dramatically improve productivity for office, team and field through successful automation of every facet of a company.

Saulsbury Industries in Revolutionizing EHS Management in Construction

Cloud-EPC-Product-Image250x200Being able to efficiently track, record and address safety issues in real time leads to preventing larger safety issues before they happen. Cloud EPC studies trends and mitigation in safety issues on the jobsite using powerful safety trend analysis tools.

Whitton Companies Curbs High Labor Costs and Manual Processes with GPS Tracking

Whitton-Truck-Concrete200x250Managing multiple people, jobsites and fleets can be challenging and a cause of time and financial losses. GPS Insight stepped in to help when Whiton Companies realized it was losing major profits in labor costs. This case study is proof that GPS tracking is the only way to go when it comes to labor and fleet management.

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