Surety BondingMore Like This

In light of recent news stories about fraudulent surety bonds, questions about the legitimacy of a surety bond demonstrates how important it is to verify the authenticity of the surety bond, a process that takes minutes but could prevent thousands of dollars in losses later. Continue »

FraudMore Like This

Every time the economy slows into a recession, it seems to correlate to a higher incidence of fraudulent or bogus bonding. During the past three years, there has been an uptick in firms with very similar websites and verbiage. Contractors must take precautions to prevent being duped by unscrupulous brokers purporting to represent bonding programs willing to underwrite contractors “regardless of credit.” Continue »

Asset ProtectionMore Like This

Since the downturn of the economy, Americans are scrutinizing where and how to spend their money. The care with which people analyze their spending extends to the legal industry, with consumers taking a hard look at what they really need and how they can get the most value for the fewest dollars. Continue »

Performance BondMore Like This

Bid, performance, and payment bonds protect the project owner from contractor default and offer protections to general contractors and subcontractors. The bid bond ensures the general contractor will enter into the contract at the price bid and provide performance and payment bonds if awarded the contract. A payment bond guarantees the general contractor will pay its subcontractors, materials supplies and labor under the terms of the contract. A performance bond ensures the contractor will complete the contract according to its terms and conditions. Continue »