Pursuing Business With ‘Risky’ Accounts

Prevailing business wisdom holds that the way to reduce credit risk is to limit credit lines, be stingy in allowing credit and freeze orders on past due accounts. This line of thought posits that it is generally impossible to lower “bad debt” losses without adverse consequences to sales and business expansion. Read The Full Story »

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The feeling of accomplishment that accompanies the completion of a new condominium building can sour when buyers raise claims of construction defects after closing on their units. A dream project can quickly become a nightmare if flaws, either patent or latent, are discovered after the developer turns over the project and leaves the site. Who is accountable for any necessary repairs? Continue »

The Leaderboard Program, created by Merchants Bonding Company™, salutes a select few agency partners each year who have demonstrated their surety savvy and collaboration for growth.  We salute BB&T Insurance Services  of Fairfax, Virginia, and Alex Roddey for surety professionalism in 2012.  Merchants Bonding has partnered with BB&T of Fairfax for more than a decade.  We thank them for the successes we’ve had together and recognize them for sharing our common sense vision.  See our online salute to BB&T Insurance Services of Fairfax, Virginia, here. Continue »

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Proving every cloud has a silver lining, the recent economic downturn has helped contractors, owners and construction managers improve management practices to reduce construction disputes and their impact on the bottom line. Essentially, increased competition for construction dollars forced improvements in project management, resulting in a substantial decrease in claims and disputes. Continue »

SafetyMore Like This

Successful companies strive to use every tool possible to ensure their projects are safe, on schedule and within budget. New methods are developed and piloted each year in an effort to improve project execution and satisfy customer expectations. However, all too often safety programs are not updated regularly, and safety performance can result from luck rather than reproducible results. Continue »

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Businesses with a fleet of vehicles face a variety of challenges during the winter months. With fewer hours of daylight and more hazardous road conditions caused by rain, sleet, snow or ice, safe driving practices and proper vehicle maintenance can go a long way toward controlling costs and increasing efficiencies for drivers and their vehicles. The advantages range from reducing the chances of vehicle collisions, personal injuries, workers’ compensation claims and downtime to avoiding expensive repairs caused by excessive wear and tear on a vehicle.   Continue »

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“If ‘x’ is the number of contractor failures that happen when the market is on the way down, then it is ‘3x’ when the market starts to go back up,” says construction industry expert and author Dr. Thomas Schleifer, who admits feeling like the industry is still in limbo. “Dollars put in place I’d hoped to see by August 2012 are not there; now I’m looking to the first quarter of 2013.” Continue »