Pursuing Business With ‘Risky’ Accounts

Prevailing business wisdom holds that the way to reduce credit risk is to limit credit lines, be stingy in allowing credit and freeze orders on past due accounts. This line of thought posits that it is generally impossible to lower “bad debt” losses without adverse consequences to sales and business expansion. Read The Full Story »

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Construction Executive asked top executives at leading sureties and insurance companies specializing in construction for advice and insights on:

  • What do contractors need to know about additional insured coverage when obtaining insurance?
  • If there is a burst of construction activity under the Trump administration, what advice can you offer to contractors that might overextend?
  • What insights can you offer as the practice of contractors purchasing surety bonds directly becomes more common?
  • What are the benefits of the surety bonding prequalification process and how can contractors prepare for it?

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