Input Time, Generate Quotes, Purchases Orders and More in the Cloud

The eDeneb Mobile System is a secure and reliable solution for field personnel to perform common jobsite functions using a tablet, smart phone, laptop or other mobile device. No downloadable app is required, just a web-connected browser.

At the admin level, the eDeneb Mobile System is easily configurable. Screen menus for users can be customized on an individual basis so that permitted functions (such as the ability to input time) are accessible while non-permitted functions (such as the ability to create purchase orders) are grayed out. The system administrator can turn mobile access on or off for any individual user, and determine which functions have full read/write editing or read only permissions. Every eDeneb customer has their own data partition, ensuring the highest degree of data security from the system level to each individual user.

eDeneb’s easy-to-use mobile screens allow field service technicians and estimators to quickly and easily generate quotes, create purchase orders and more. Remote personnel have immediate access to information and documents stored on the eDeneb Cloud server, including inventory pricing, job contracts, price book, estimates and more. Quotes, work orders, purchase orders and other documents can be instantly emailed or printed.  Project managers can update progress with customizable status codes that enable proper staging throughout the entire job cycle from quote request, bid submitted, bid accepted, and work order generated, to work completed, work inspected and work billed.

Back at the office, data updates via the eDeneb Mobile System are instantly reflected in the financial system, providing real-time information and complete integration with Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control, Item Billing, Job Cost, Payroll, and Purchase Orders.

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