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Cell Phone vs. Vehicle-Installed GPS Tracking Get the Right Tools to Track Your Fleet

There is a common misconception that vehicle-installed and cell phone GPS tracking systems are practically the same technology, but they are actually very different. There are many GPS-enabled applications, like field service and workforce management software, that use GPS data from cell phones as their main source of location information. It is important to recognize that cell phone tracking information is not the same as what you will receive from vehicle-installed GPS tracking devices.

If you are looking for a less expensive GPS tracking option and are not aware of the key differentiators between these two technologies, you might be thinking, “Can’t we basically get the same information at a lower cost from a cell phone GPS tracking system?”

Boldly stated, you will not receive the same level of information with this type of platform because you are tracking a cell phone, not the vehicle itself. It is strongly advised that you do not choose any type of technology based on price if it doesn’t supply the information you need.

Get access to the whitepaper to learn differences between cell phone and vehicle-installed GPS systems and how they impact your bottom line.

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