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21 Essential Apps for the Modern Construction Workforce

Keeping up with dozens of new apps can be a daunting task, and it has gotten a lot more interesting in the past year. Find out what apps have been making waves in the construction industry and what’s coming down the virtual highway.

Construction Executive Launches Free Mobile AppConstruction Executiveis introducing a free mobile app for Apple, AndroidKindle devices and the web. Simply scan the QR code or search for "Construction Executive Mag" in your app store. Read More
The Role of Two-Way Radio Systems in Construction Risk MitigationFrom hazardous machinery to noisy work site conditions, there is no denying that construction is a dangerous line of work. However, companies can drastically mitigate construction risks with one simple element: clear and dependable communication. DispatchPlus by pdvWireless offers the instantaneous voice communication that is necessary for proper coordination of multiple job sites. Read More
Native Mobile App for Capital Construction Project Management from ProjectmatesProjectmates is enthusiastic about unveiling the newly updated, robust native mobile construction app focused on managing capital construction projects for owners. The features are focused on the users such as project managers or executives on the road, as well as someone working onsite. The app can be used on all mobile devices capable of internet connectivity and display. With more than 20 years of expertise, our award-winning software is trusted by owners because we have proven success in streamlining construction programs, keeping projects on track and under budget while working through mobile or desktop devices. Read More
Improved Heat Safety App for Outdoor WorkersAn updated app for smart phones and other mobile devices can help workers stay safe when working outdoors in hot weather. This free app was updated and redesigned by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), along with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Read More
Making Technology Work for Project Managers and Last Planners People-centric Project Management in the CloudThe rapidly changing customer needs, economic uncertainties and growing demand for better housing and infrastructure are at the epicenter of the technology revolution we are seeing in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. Read More
The Construction App For the FieldBuilding something great is never easy. Often, those who had no hand in building a skyscraper or a hospital will walk by and enjoy it, never realizing how many tasks came together to form one completed job. Countless hands and strong backs are needed to raise up something great and before any project can truly be crowned as complete, that walkthrough needs to take place. Work cannot be concluded until all deficiencies have been recorded and taken care of. Read More
Mobile Technology for Jobsite Data Tracking and Reporting busybusy Helps Stonetree Grow by 30 Percent in One YearStonetree Landscape and Excavation wanted to improve their data collection process, so they decided to eliminate the paper timecards they were using. The busybusy platform provided the clearest solution. It had all the features Stonetree was looking for—from organizing information to improving jobsite intelligence. Eventually, the busybusy platform helped lead to 30 percent growth for Stonetree in one year without cutting profits. Read More
Profit Protection and Risk Mitigation Tools for Subcontractors Midwest Concrete Went From Scratch Pads to iPads® and Never Looked BackMidwest Concrete, located near Kansas City, Mo., began researching construction management software to address five business needs. At the top of their list was rolling out technology that was easy to adopt and simple to use—leading the company to eSUB. “Implementation and adoption of eSUB was relatively simple and easy because the platform is designed for subcontractors,” says Joe Silvestro, head of commercial sales for Midwest Concrete. Read More
RedTeam Software: A Mobile App So Easy, You Can’t Live Without ItWhen we talk with clients about their needs for streamlined project management, a primary concern is having mobile access. Connecting the field to the office is mission critical when it comes to managing projects efficiently and keeping everyone connected, informed and focused on delivering results. Read More
Win More Profitable Work With Easy-to-use, Cloud-based Takeoff and Estimating SoftwareWe live in an incredibly connected world—one where instant access, maximum flexibility and ever-increasing speed have become requirements. Why expect anything less when it comes to your bid process? Read More
Go Paperless and Simplify Your Data Capture and ComplianceThe construction industry is among the slowest to adapt process and technological advancement. Many key markets have seen a decline in productivity from the 1990s, and according to research by McKinsey, large projects “typically take 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80 percent over budget.” APE Mobile is a paperless site app that automates paperwork by integrating all form templates, checklists and drawings into a low cost paperless app, allowing businesses to use their existing forms and processes while greatly improving efficiency. Read More
Find, Track and Communicate With Your Fleet in Real TimeThe manager app is designed for fleet managers and owners to oversee fleet operations from any mobile device. Management no longer needs to sit at a desk to know what their mobile workforce is up to. Read More
Field Tracking Made Easy by CrewTracksCrewTracks would be Goldilocks’ choice. You can find cheaper options that just do one thing--a time clock, or a communication tool. Or you can spend 10x more for an enterprise solution with, frankly, not many more features. CrewTracks is just right. No other field tracking software offers comparable benefits at a similar price point. Read More
Everlance: Automatic Mileage and Expense TrackerAlex Marlantes, co-founder and CEO of Everlance, a San Francisco-based software company that developed an automatic mileage tracking and expense reporting app used by more than 100,000 customers, answers the most common questions he receives about their app. The technology was initially developed for freelancers such as Uber drivers, but has now started to take off within the construction industry as a way to very easily manage mileage and expense tracking. Read More
Real-Time Reporting, Data Trending, Corrective Action Tracking and More Close the Loop on Safety InspectionsOSHA mandates that workers should never be required to work under conditions that are dangerous to their health or safety. They further require that an employer’s safety program must provide for “frequent and regular inspections of the jobsite” [reference 29 CFR 1926.20(b)(2)]. Read More
The Power of ConstructionOnline Wherever You GoYou can now have the complete power of ConstructionOnline - the platform that has revolutionized the construction industry for over 400,000 professionals - in the palm of your hand. Whether you are in the field, working from home or in the middle of a staff meeting, you can access all of your project information right at your fingertips. Read More
Save Hours with OnSite PhotoDesigned specifically for construction professionals, OnSite Photo lets you create photo albums in just seconds and then upload them directly to your projects on your ConstructionOnline account. Work more efficiently by taking photos on the jobsite and uploading directly to your project—no more spending hours in the office organizing pictures. Read More
Keep Drawings and Documents at Your Fingertips with OnSite PlanRoomWith OnSite PlanRoom you can access your plans and files to view, share and comment on from the convenience of your mobile device. Read More
Track Workers, Weather, Delays, Deliveries and More with OnSite LoggingOnSite Logging merges traditional work logging with a new, easier way to record your project activity: pictures and video. With OnSite Logging working for you, you’ll never have to scramble to find that missing paperwork documenting a vital delivery or work delay. Now you have the ability to track everything from deliveries to the weather with easy-to-use components that come together seamlessly to keep project teams on track. Read More
Increase Efficiency When It Matters MostWhether your team is completing a project or performing mid-phase inspections, punch lists and quality control go hand-in-hand when it comes to delivering a high quality project on time and on budget. The OnSite Punchlist App gives you the ability to create, organize and manage detailed project punch lists, allowing your entire team to easily coordinate more efficiently. With OnSite Punchlist, everyone will know exactly what it takes to complete your projects efficiently. Read More
Optimize Your Project Management Capabilities Three Reasons to Upgrade to Mobile Software CMiC has redefined what mobile solutions are capable of. Unlike many other apps available to the industry that focus on specific functions that are siloed from your core ERP data, CMiC optimizes the user journey across devices—the data, security measures, and permissions are the same in both an online and offline capacity. Because all of the information is contained within the CMiC ecosystem, users can alternate between their desktops, tablets and smartphones without data latency or loss. Read More

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