Kyle Hamer

Kyle Hamer, VP of Marketing at On Center Software (OCS), leads market research, advertising, sales and marketing programs, brand and web development. Prior to OCS, Kyle worked in the coatings trade and for a GC. The last 15 years he has been a sales and marketing consultant for 40 companies.


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It’s ironic to think how a clunky desktop computer running Lotus 1-2-3 was once considered a revolutionary leap forward for the construction industry. Then came Microsoft Excel and the real game-changer, the internet. We’re again at the brink of another major milestone: the continued integration of takeoff functionality in BIM systems. Continue »

Every new year brings resolutions, predictions, and anticipation of what lies ahead.  Last year was a strong year for construction. The industry saw the largest increase in construction starts since the economic downturn. Companies began exploring how to grow with an unbalanced project opportunity and labor load. More work means more profit in 2017, right? Continue »