Mike Ruth

Mike Ruth is the web developer behind the Construction Executive eNewsletters, web advertising manager, and computer geek.


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Marketing has changed a lot since the days of the traveling salesmen with a little black book of phone numbers and a stack of elegant business cards. With the help of technology, marketing has evolved into a holistic and immersive experience that connects companies to clients through a channel of communication spanning email, social media, and personalized support and ordering. The first step to succeeding in today’s nonstop world of marketing is to assess the company’s current practices and its goals for growth. The focus should be on giving prospective and existing customers what they want, when they want it—not just during regular business hours.   Continue »

10368_ConstructionExecutiveMagApp_FieldSupervisor_200x200_0813Bentley Field Supervisor iPad App
Field Supervisor Enables Confident, Real-Time Decision-Making at Construction SitesField Supervisor provides construction field workers with onsite views, personalized for their specific project roles, into multiple project data, ensuring real-time decisions are made using the most relevant and current information. Learn more

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The new CMiC Mobile includes customizable enterprise-aware templates that are device agnostic to make it easier for organizations to modify the look, feel and functionality of the app.  The applications are deployed and run locally on-device, which ensures consistent application performance regardless of network conditions. To support the wide variety of mobile user scenarios, CMiC Mobile provides a flexible runtime architecture that enables user interfaces that best suit enterprise needs. Continue »

HIKUU Construction Accounting is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done quickly, efficiently and virtually anywhere there’s an internet connection. Tailor made for the construction industry, businesses such as plumbing, electrical, welding, roofing and other trade professionals alike benefit from this simple to set-up, simple to use and simple to manage accounting interface. Creating and viewing reports has never been easier and quicker with real-time reporting. Conveniently access balance sheets, accounts payable details, receivables and any other important company metrics, and immediately share them with your team. Continue »

Publish, organize and share.

Freedoc Mobile Collaboration lets Solgenia Freedoc users transform their document management system into a social collaboration space.

Beyond giving you the ability to view documents from mobile devices, it also enables you to add, modify, or delete business documents, while maintaining synchronization with your central system repository. You can even create personal tags to optimize document searches and organize folders intuitively. Continue »