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The construction industry is unique simply based on its mercurial nature. From hiring work crews and keeping track of weather and equipment, to staying in touch with everyone invested in a project, it truly is the world’s most protean vocation. As a result, the industry has welcomed the app metamorphosis with open arms, enabling it to cut risk and grow productivity. Job functions including BIM, payroll, safety, equipment tracking, blueprints, fleet management—and even OSHA reporting—all have their own apps specifically built for real-time communication between the construction site and the office. Continue »

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It may be hard to believe, but Apple’s iPhone was launched ten years ago, in 2007. Rarely has one product generated so much innovation in mini-computers, texting, social media, cell phone technology, cameras, weather forecasts, storm tracking, and the ability to hail an Uber driver. The iPhone gave rise to thousands of apps, competitors and entirely new industries. Continue »