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Don’t miss the video on hyper-positioning software and sensor-based platforms that transform vehicles into autonomous vehicles on the jobsite. New software includes a product that combines 3-D BIM models with project scheduling data for a 4-D time sequence and a visual management tool for applying lean principles via Kanban boards. Also featured are a security system to authorize and track people and two electronic logging devices. Continue »

Managing resources across projects can be a challenge for any contractor. Without insight into smart planning and scheduling of resources, projects can fall way behind schedule quickly. Construction companies need the ability to have real-time visibility into resources needed, what’s available, where their resources are located, and the ability to reschedule those resources accordingly. Continue »

One of the nation’s top contractors, Crossland Construction Company, Inc., with its partner company Crossland Heavy Contractors, operates nine offices in six states — Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, and Colorado — and has the capability to perform work in 41 states. With construction crews at 80 or more job sites at one time, the company found that using manual methods for employee timekeeping was tedious, time-consuming, and error prone. Continue »