Welcome to a special edition of Tech Trends showcasing the latest mobile apps and software for construction professionals.

From onsite punch lists, plan rooms, calendars and jobsite logging to technology for project management, collaboration, accounting and project leads, this special edition of Tech Trends features a dozen software solutions to help contractors manage their businesses more effectively, more efficiently and more profitability. Continue »

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Applications, apps (not the same thing), the hybrid cloud, the Internet of Everything, the rise of smart machines, the linking of the physical and digital worlds, and acceptance of the inevitable all play a part in the strategies to cope with and triumph over the challenge of so-called disruptive technologies that will characterize 2014.   Continue »

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Facebook regularly changes the way it handles its news feed. The latest tweak may be welcomed by users, but it will make it more difficult for businesses’ text posts to be seen.  The new algorithm increases text posts from friends in news feeds but downplays text posts from businesses. Facebook encourages business pages to post content that is visually more dynamic and interesting than plain text (i.e., with photos, videos and links). Continue »

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Domain names with the extension .net, .org, .edu or .com are hard to come by these days if an organization wants to get a web address that matches its name.  The traffic jam will ease later this year when more than 1,000 new extensions become available, including .build. For the first time, the construction industry will have its own domain.

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