2017 Tech Predictions

When Star Trek™ debuted 50 years ago, who would have thought the technology employed on the Starship Enterprise would one day be used on construction jobsites. Read The Full Story »

The IndustrySafe Inspection Mobile app allows construction professional to save time and improve safety.  Conduct construction safety inspections in the field. Designed specifically for your smart phone and tablet device our mobile app is easy to use and can be used with or without web access. Inspection data is synched with the IndustrySafe database for real time reporting and analytics.

Construction professionals conduct safety inspections from their mobile devices.  Then once they have Internet access they are able to sync directly with IndustrySafe and view inspection results and reports quickly. Continue »

An easy to use filing system is behind this great productivity app.

GoProject for iPad includes the ability to create and fill your own PDF forms, obtain signatures on field documents, and organize and share with groups of Contacts.  GoProject syncs with the most popular servers including Box, Dropbox, and GoogleDrive to keep your mobile space current.

GoProject is broken down into easy to use divisions; Projects, Forms, Groups, and Servers. Continue »

In an industry that primarily works in a mobile manner “in the field,” there has been a dearth of truly functional mobile solutions that have made it into everyday use–until now.

Outside of the research and development experiments of the past two decades, the most used mobile solutions were “push-to-talk” mobile devices and a smattering of smartphone applications for punchlist tasks and lightweight scheduling. Continue »

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The health care sector seemingly remains recession-proof given the flurry of active construction initiatives. The visible shield protecting this construction work is directly related to the vast number of baby boomers providing an influx of new patients into hospitals and primary care physicians. Additionally, the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will decrease the number of uninsured Americans, which in turn increases the number of visits to non-emergency room clinics and offices. Continue »

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PCMX-PM-ipad-shoot-page-5Access up-to-date project information, anytime, anyplace using the construction project management app from Maxwell Systems: ProContractorMX Mobile Connect.

Save time, increase accuracy and manage with timely information to stay on top of every project. With better control and better visibility, you can minimize risk, manage proactively and improve profitability. Continue »

Fleet Complete Asset Tracking App enables you to track and manage your high-value equipment; helping you to save money and run your business more effectively.

Check out how fast a theft of $40,000 equipment can happen to you

Don’t let that happen to your business

Whether your business uses construction equipment or other portable machinery, you’ll always know where your assets are. With additional sensor capabilities, you can keep an eye on important considerations such as the fuel level of power generators; after-hours door activity of storage containers; or even unauthorized usage of Power Take-Off equipment on your excavators or cranes. Continue »

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Takeoff vs. Takeoff

Ok, not exactly that simple. Trust but verify. Check and recheck. Measure twice, cut once. All of these may be overused clichés, but isn’t it interesting that everyone follows them. Companies want to do the best work for the least cost to get the most profit. If so, then is duplicating work ever beneficial? The definitive answer is yes! The best example of where replicating work pays off is the takeoff. A takeoff done to sell the business is different than the takeoff done to build the job. Not understanding this may mean the difference between profitability and losing money.

Continue »

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Microsoft SharePoint has become the de facto standard for content management, with more than 60,000 global enterprises using it daily to manage, access and collaborate on documents.

The growth of SharePoint has been stimulated by the rapid expansion of content across industries. The total amount of content is estimated to increase to more than 40 zettabytes by 2020, which is equal to more than 40 billion terabytes (TB)—a difficult figure for even the most seasoned IT professional to comprehend.

The growth of content is evident in the construction industry, as large engineering and CAD files eat up storage space and drain budgets. For many construction companies, SharePoint’s storage limitations have prevented the program from taking hold as the content management platform it was designed to be. However, it is possible for construction companies to utilize SharePoint to its fullest potential without slowing productivity. Continue »

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New technologies seldom change industries on their own; instead, they require supporting infrastructures with which to effect transformations.

For example, MP3 digital audio files were invented to permit music to be transmitted over phone lines, but the music industry did not fully evolve until a supporting infrastructure (i.e., iTunes) was introduced and adopted. A century earlier, cars and trucks came on the scene, but the transportation industry was not transformed until interstate highways made roadways efficient. Continue »