2017 Tech Predictions

When Star Trek™ debuted 50 years ago, who would have thought the technology employed on the Starship Enterprise would one day be used on construction jobsites. Read The Full Story »

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After several challenging years, the construction loan market is now at its strongest level since 2006. Across the country, the industry is gaining momentum. Projects once put on hold are being completed and new ones are starting. The health of the commercial construction and housing markets directly impacts the overall economy, and continuing on this path toward recovery will largely depend on lenders’ ability to adapt to a modern age. Efforts to remain compliant with new regulations while running productive, yet lean, organizations has resulted in technology becoming the heartbeat of construction finance.

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Employee recruitment has changed significantly during the past 10 years due to new technology that makes the entire process more streamlined and efficient. Recruiting software allows businesses to make better hiring decisions—saving time and money and lowering the risk of damaging the firm’s reputation or safety record.   Continue »

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Many small or start-up contractors buy a small business accounting software package because it’s easy to use and affordable. But when the company starts to grow, processes become slow and inefficient, spreadsheets are overused, data is entered multiple times in multiple places and it’s almost impossible to retrieve timely job data. To put it simply, the software doesn’t fit the business anymore.

This situation is all too common in the construction industry. However, contractors can be proactive by looking for five signs that they may have outgrown their accounting software. Continue » is a mobile and desktop responsive website,” said Lawrence Morris III, Multimedia Developer for On Center Software. “The website uses the latest technology to dynamically adapt to device types and systems—desktop to tablet to mobile—Windows to iOS to Android,” said Mr. Morris.

Leading the construction automation industry in innovation, On Center Software delivers information to its visitors in the format that works best for the viewer. The site delivers 500 plus pages and features over 100 tutorial, marketing, and client testimonial videos. Continue »

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Death by PowerPoint. Everyone has seen it, and some of us have actually been responsible for it. Today, there is no reason to bore an audience with only a PowerPoint slide deck, or its only slightly less annoying brethren, Keynote. For those who want to skip the bullet points and charts with illegible fonts, there are a host of new technologies that will make audiences sit up and take notice. Continue »

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Fifteen years ago, an AEC project management website system (called an extranet back then) was used to assist 3Com Corp. with the fabrication plant build-outs for its newly acquired product, The Palm Pilot. The following detailed report, written in 1998 but not published until now, provides a rare glimpse into the decisions made to use project websites–an innovation at that time. The report offers insight on how to incorporate IT innovations in real-world projects, as well as includes useful lessons learned that can be applied to the AEC industry today. Continue »

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Field service management (FSM) software delivers customer communications, worker/crew dispatch, parts inventory and work order management in a single application, and can be used by any size contractor with any number of employees.

That being said, when a service organization grows to hundreds or thousands of employees working on dozens or hundreds of sites, different methods and technologies are required to properly manage the complex organization. Contractors pass through four distinct phases of business that require different footprints of FSM software. Continue »

Construction Executive magazine is pleased to announce its 8th annual special issue on Construction Accounting will be published in August, with coverage of the latest trends in auditing, tax management, employee benefits and financial strategies for contractors.

Advertisers in the Construction Accounting issue will reach a total audience of more than 137,800 business owners and top managers at more than 48,000 U.S. construction firms, including the 22,000 members of Associated Builders and Contractors. There is no better opportunity for construction software developers to advertise their technology solutions.   Continue »

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Mobility has been crucial to the construction industry since the days of the first cell phones. Staying connected to remote workers across multiple jobsites is an absolute requirement for contractors. The technologies that have enabled this have been changing rapidly for a number of years, and recently there has been an even more significant shift in what mobility means to the industry. Continue »