2017 Tech Predictions

When Star Trek™ debuted 50 years ago, who would have thought the technology employed on the Starship Enterprise would one day be used on construction jobsites. Read The Full Story »

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Distracted driving, texting and driving, road rage … There’s a lot of buzz lately around these topics, and for good reason. Often, the most dangerous part of the day for any employee isn’t the time spent operating machinery or servicing equipment–it’s the time spent behind the wheel of a vehicle.

How can construction company owners or fleet managers ensure their drivers are practicing safe driving habits that keep themselves and others safe on the roads? And how can technology help? Continue »

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Some friends in Silicon Valley recently introduced me to some people who had recently left Cisco’s WebEx team.  They were promoting a new online video conferencing service called Zoom (, which promises high definition (HD) video conferencing and desktop sharing for free.  With trepidation to their claims, I took Zoom for a free test drive, which gave me 40 minutes of free service for each conference session with up to 25 of my colleges (with unlimited time for one-on-one calls).

Call it love at first byte.

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Construction executives don’t have time to sit in the jobsite trailer all day making calls to employees for updates on the status of projects or happenings in the office, yet they still need to be kept informed. This juxtaposition traditionally has required a significant effort on the executive’s part to gather and review relevant information.

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Employee recruitment has changed significantly during the past 10 years. Now technology exists that can make the entire recruitment process much more streamlined and efficient.

Recruiting software allows businesses to save time and money and make better hiring decisions. It’s changing how businesses handle the recruiting process, giving freedom and time back to the company and its current employees. Following are ways recruiting software can improve an organization’s processes.

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More and more AEC firms are establishing presences on Facebook, which is a great way to build a following of people with whom they can communicate. It allows companies to promote their latest accomplishments; get feedback, ideas and suggestions; and stay in front of their followers on an ongoing basis. Companies can become friendlier on Facebook, because it’s not a formal medium. It’s all about relationships, and all successful businesses are all about relationships.

Facebook, however, is only one arrow is a firm’s marketing quiver.  YouTube is even more powerful, and companies need to seriously consider setting up the firm’s own channel.  YouTube is easy and beneficial to use and can be a launching pad for maximizing a firm’s visibility, credibility, personality and presence in general.  However, so few firms are on YouTube that if a company has a channel, it sets it apart from–and above–the competition.

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Although the digital age certainly has made distributing project information faster, easier and more cost effective, using electronic files alone does not guarantee real-time access to current data. Suppose a contractor is installing heaters in a hospital vestibule and notices not enough space exists between the door and the ceiling. He finds the related drawing on his tablet computer, makes comments and sends it to the project architect for clarification. What the contractor doesn’t know is the architect already addressed the issue, but the updated drawing was not yet pushed out to the team. Continue »