2017 Tech Predictions

When Star Trek™ debuted 50 years ago, who would have thought the technology employed on the Starship Enterprise would one day be used on construction jobsites. Read The Full Story »

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With increasing security demands from building tenants, sophisticated security systems can be a powerful sales tool. These security measures are less costly and much easier to install and maintain if building owners, architects and engineers plan for them before construction begins.

Every aspect of building design and construction, from placement of LAN closets to provisions for electrical conduit, should be planned with future security systems in mind.   Continue »

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Millions of small businesses do not accept credit cards because terminals and merchant accounts can be expensive, but new technology can help reduce the financial burden. For construction-related companies that rely on smartphones to conduct business, a mobile credit card reader is a simple, affordable solution that allows payments on the go.

Many construction businesses could benefit from a mobile option but are worried about meeting compliance standards and security needs; however, secure options on the market today can eliminate those concerns. The benefits of mobile credit card acceptance are too numerous to ignore. Continue »

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The first commercial spreadsheets, called VisiCalc, came about in 1978 on an Apple II computer. A huge improvement from number mapping on a blackboard, VisiCalc allowed professionals to manipulate and organize numbers based on underlying formulas. The 1980s brought Lotus 1-2-3 onto the scene with basic database options and faster computing, referencing and graphing integration. In the early 1990s, Microsoft Excel finally overtook Lotus and has since been the preferred spreadsheet application.  Continue »