2017 Tech Predictions

When Star Trek™ debuted 50 years ago, who would have thought the technology employed on the Starship Enterprise would one day be used on construction jobsites. Read The Full Story »

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For years, the construction industry has talked about closing the divide between the office and the field. The perception that this divide exists stems from how construction companies typically approach their work.  At the highest level, construction projects are usually viewed from two perspectives: operational and financial. However, there is a third perspective to consider, a middle ground that offers a better informed view of the project and a place where both sides can collaborate. Continue »

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The Challenges and Benefits of BIM Today—and in the Future

When building information modeling (BIM) began gaining popularity a decade ago, it was expected to dramatically change the construction industry. In addition to replacing 2-D drawings with 3-D, 4-D and 5-D models, BIM users can determine exactly how each building component works together in the planning stage to create a more cost- and time-efficient final product. Now that the industry is familiar with the technology, the ways in which BIM is used has exceeded what was initially forecast. Continue »

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Engaged Leadership Makes the Difference

BIM is more than a garden-variety software installation; it’s an all-encompassing exercise in change management. To succeed, the implementation effort must be led and championed from the top—not by middle managers and technical experts.

BIM is an organizational shift disguised as a software implementation. To get the most value, it’s best to treat BIM like learning a new language—one that will take a while for the entire enterprise to speak fluently. It can affect every aspect of how general contractors do business, from bids and pre-construction to site supervision and cost control.

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Twenty years ago, the pre-construction process involved stacks of paper, trails of phone calls and nothing more high tech than a filing cabinet. Thanks to the cloud, everything from prequalification to proposal review has become paperless, automated and centralized—cutting administrative costs and boosting project efficiency from subcontractors, estimators and construction managers.

Which technologies are transforming the bid process for today’s general contractors, and what’s in the works to enhance their future operations? Let’s take a look. Continue »