Field Tracking Made Easy by CrewTracks


CrewTracks would be Goldilocks’ choice. You can find cheaper options that just do one thing–a time clock, or a communication tool. Or you can spend 10x more for an enterprise solution with, frankly, not many more features. CrewTracks is just right. No other field tracking software offers comparable benefits at a similar price point.

Who Uses CrewTracks?

CrewTracks is being used heavily by heavy civil construction companies, concrete, paving, lanscaping, excavation, welding, HVAC, and other contractors around the globe. No two companies that use CrewTracks are identical, so new features are often added to meet the needs of a new company implementing the software. In these cases, existing CrewTracks customers have the option to use those new features as free upgrades (see “CrewTracks is Flexible and Always Evolving” below). Still, there are some core attributes and needs of a company that would make it a good fit for CrewTracks. The most successful CrewTracks users are companies that schedule jobs on various sites; want to track specifics for employee time, job costing, custom forms and sign-off; and are looking to increase efficiency.

What Does CrewTracks Do?


CrewTracks’ web interface allows office staff to schedule jobs, dispatch crews and equipment, and view automatically-generated reports in real time. At the same time, the mobile app allows field workers to quickly report attendance, job phase statuses, and materials and equipment usage. The mobile app and the web interface constantly sync both ways in real-time, eliminating delays and disconnects that many construction companies experience every day. In short, CrewTracks untangles the mess that lies between the bidding and the accounting. No more paperwork in the field. No more going over budget or paying needless overtime. No more waiting until tomorrow to find out everything that happened today. As Paul Franzen from ACME Construction put it, “CrewTracks has changed the way that we do business.”

What Does CrewTracks Look Like?

IMG_8789_iphone6_spacegrey_portrait_CROP (1)CrewTracks’ mobile app is incredibly intuitive. The menu is organized in the order you use each item:

  • Time Clock: Photo in, photo out, indicate how long your lunch was, and sign to confirm that you weren’t injured.
  • Time Assignment: How did you spend your time today? Allocate as you go, or wait until the end of the day. Use the slider or type an amount to assign your time to various job phases.
  • Jobs: What did you complete today? Use any unit: each, square feet, pounds, etc.
  • Equipment: How many hours did the grader run? Use the slider or type in the number of hours.
  • Notes/Photos: What’s happening at the jobsite now?
  • Materials: How much was used today?
  • Miscellaneous: An extra section that can be added if needed (see below).

Each of these sections of the app can be disabled or made optional according to the needs of your business.

CrewTracks is Flexible and Always Evolving

CrewTracks was built to meet the needs of one customer, and then the next, and then the next. The software includes a miscellaneous section that is unique to each company we work with. Do you have a unique need that other solutions haven’t been able to accommodate? No problem. Let’s talk. Our in-house developers are among the best in the world, and there is virtually nothing we cannot build.

Additionally, we’re constantly rolling out general updates in response to customer feedback. A recent example is an accounting override—some companies have very specific line items on bids and invoices, but more general categories in their accounting software. No problem. CrewTracks generates the detailed reports you need while also grouping line items into categories as indicated in the accounting override.

You simply will not find a more flexible, innovative and feature-rich field tracking solution at a comparable price. If your company has any inefficiency at any point between the bid and and the accounting, CrewTracks deserves your special consideration.

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