Profit Protection and Risk Mitigation Tools for Subcontractors Midwest Concrete Went From Scratch Pads to iPads® and Never Looked Back

eSUB Construction Software

Midwest Concrete, located near Kansas City, Mo., began researching construction management software to address five business needs. At the top of their list was rolling out technology that was easy to adopt and simple to use—leading the company to eSUB. “Implementation and adoption of eSUB was relatively simple and easy because the platform is designed for subcontractors,” says Joe Silvestro, head of commercial sales for Midwest Concrete.

From gaining control of projects to making information accessible between the headquarters and jobsites, the large concrete construction firm needed to increase its competitive edge. Mobile and cloud technology helps Midwest Concrete protect its profits and mitigate risks.

“We looked at GC project management platforms, and they fell short on the capabilities and high costs. We preferred eSUB because they understood subs like no other software company.” – Joe Silvestro, head of commercial sales

Midwest’s Top 5 Business Needs

Subcontractor-Designed Software

eSUB surpasses general contractor project management-based solutions by giving Midwest the ability to manage its business workflows, teams, documents, files and job costing to actuals. Material tracking and schedules (team members are shared among multiple local projects) were crucial business needs. Tracking all communications, files and field activity is high priority for protecting the subcontractor’s profits as they help build for general contractors, owners and architects.

Gain More Control of all Construction Projects

Midwest Concrete needed to eliminate guess work on existing and future projects. “With eSUB, we have the ability to monitor and track actual progress against estimates. We know exactly if we are on time or behind schedule and what the cause of any lost time was. The efficiency and accuracy helps us better manage and control every project, as well as bid and plan for future similar projects,” Silvesto says.

Track Files and Activities Efficiently

Having mobile devices in the field ensures greater documentation on the jobsite and accuracy of information being shared between the field and office. eSUB’s two-way email integration enables Midwest to store all information for a specific project. All files and email communications are easily tracked and available in the cloud. eSUB’s cloud-hosted centralized database houses all relevant information on all of the projects that Midwest works on and is always accessible.

“We’ve eliminated the days of searching for lost documents, lost receipts, notes, field reports, time cards and so forth,” Silvestro says.

Provide Real-Time Information to the Jobsite

eSUB’s cloud-based document control platform creates a virtual directory, so field staff have access to all current plans and files. There is no longer the need to send Excel spreadsheets back and forth. eSUB’s database stores and indexes all data by project/date/time. Everyone at the jobsite and office knows exactly where all documentation is virtually located by project.

“We’ve saved hundreds of hours in administrative time. All information is available to all employees regardless of their location as they travel around to different jobsites,” Silvesto says.

Enhancing Risk Management and Avoiding Claims

eSUB’s field notes, daily reports and other daily documentation help Midwest get paid for everything that they do. eSUB makes it easy for Midwest to document everything pertinent to the project and the work performed, helping Midwest get paid and protect itself.

As deadlines begin to loom closer and closer, it can be more and more challenging to keep up with the documentation. Capturing of data with eSUB’s mobile app is so simple that it becomes easy for Midwest Concrete to capture every detail of the work they are doing on the jobsite.

eSUB’s correspondence toolbox has different forms to protect Midwest from unexpected delays or project changes. “eSUB’s documentation control establishes greater transparency of the work we do for the general contractor. No matter where their project manager and superintendents are located, we can deliver timely and appropriately documented work for quicker approvals to mitigate any confusion. Midwest prides itself on having great relationships with the general contractor, owner and architects,” Silvestro says.

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