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When we talk with clients about their needs for streamlined project management, a primary concern is having mobile access. Connecting the field to the office is mission critical when it comes to managing projects efficiently and keeping everyone connected, informed and focused on delivering results.

RedTeam-image-3-1280×800Because RedTeam was born out of need for a general contractor, it was understood that having mobile access and developing mobile apps was to be a top priority. Years ago, we launched our mobile app and observed how our clients were using it. We focused on making it intuitive and easy to use. The user data we collected showed that picture functions were the most widely used, either for RFIs, daily reports or tracking receipts and expenses. Based on this observation, we re-launched with a start screen with two highlighted choices: open camera or go to picture gallery. This simple change proved to be very impactful and we observed increased usage of the mobile app in the field which accelerated the flow of information back to the office in real time. It created a very easy-to-follow timeline of progress on the jobsite. Our users reported that it was an amazing resource of information used to keep their clients informed of the progress, as well as indisputable documentation often used when conflicts arose.

RedTeam-image-5-1280×800When we think about mobile, we have a simple goal in mind: Strive to make it so easy to use that you won’t want to work without it. Today, when you take a pic or pull a pic from your gallery, you can attach that pic to a project, dictate a commentary and create an RFI or expense in seconds. These simple tweaks have transformed the way many of our clients do business and resulted in massive savings by reducing lost documentation, allocating expenses accurately to each project and building a thorough project timeline.

RedTeam-image-2-1280×800While picture functionalities are the most used, we also invested in many other features that are proving incredibly valuable to our clients. Today, any RedTeam user is able to track time cards, expenses reports and access all their projects from their fingertips. Time tracking is designed to allow the user to select a specific labor authorization, job code and labor category. Having this level of detail saves hundreds of hours tracking the information, and by connecting the field to the office and project accounting, we are providing our clients with real-time job costing and great control for the project managers.

Given our background in the commercial construction industry, we understand the need to be the most informed contractor on the job. Accessing project information from the field with RedTeam’s mobile apps has given our contractors a competitive edge. Getting answers in real time has never been easier, and within two clicks, you are able to access any project you are a part of. From there, we focused our effort in providing a very simple path to get to the information you need to access or produce with one click. You simply can’t afford to be the least informed contractor on the job today. From within the app, you can pull up the list of the teams on the project with all their contact information without delay and email or call with one touch. You can access your punch list, submittals or plans and specs in real time and at a moment’s notice.

RedTeam-image-4-1280×800The need to keep your team connected, provide critical information in real time and keep accurate and detailed tracking of your project means having a robust mobile app is imperative. As one of our clients recently noted, “Having mobile access for the team has become reasonably close to oxygen.” The good news is, you can breathe easy, as we are investing heavily and consistently to provide best in class solutions.

Looking ahead, we see mobile apps as a cornerstone of successful project management for commercial contractors. Mobile apps have now become the primary path for critical day-to-day information to be documented with each project and provide peace of mind for both owners and contractors. With the ever-increasing need to document every aspect of each project, we see the adoption of mobile technology integrated with project management and construction accounting software continuing to accelerate. It is now a necessity and quite frankly, as noted earlier, it has become so easy to use apps for contractors that it has become harder to try to succeed without them.

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