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Building something great is never easy. Often, those who had no hand in building a skyscraper or a hospital will walk by and enjoy it, never realizing how many tasks came together to form one completed job. Countless hands and strong backs are needed to raise up something great and before any project can truly be crowned as complete, that walkthrough needs to take place. Work cannot be concluded until all deficiencies have been recorded and taken care of.

Punch lists are a staple of rounding out projects and making sure that your team delivers their best work, so to ensure that nothing ever falls through the cracks, you need the right tools in hand when you’re in the field.

Efficient Punch List Management Software

Staying on top of deficiencies can be quite a jumble, especially when you don’t have an efficient tracking method. The traditional construction punch list management process often involves physical documents, photos, and lists that you have to update and distribute. Fieldwire provides a modern punch list form solution that eliminates all of these inefficient procedures, making it possible to know the status of each deficiency without leaving the office. Our punch list app reduces confusion and speeds up the punch process by allowing your trades to know what needs their attention and where to find it on-site.

Easily Plan Your Punch List Checklist

When an inspection is approaching, prepare for it by easily assembling every component within Fieldwire. Add tasks for items across the jobsite, whether they’re trade-specific, location-based, or pertain to a specific room or building. Each task can include detailed notes, instructions and checklists so that each contractor knows exactly what needs to be completed (and in what order). Every checklist template you create is saved within Fieldwire, so you can quickly add that same checklist into any other similar tasks or sample punch list in your project. Tasks can be assigned directly to each person on the team, and you can designate categories, due dates and priority levels so they can better organize their efforts.

Documenting Deficiencies

Once your tasks are created and you’re ready to begin the walkthrough, take your punch list template with you into the field on your mobile device. You can access project data in Fieldwire even if you’re offline, and if you see any outstanding punch list items, document everything in the app and let your team know that more work needs to be done. When you reconnect to WiFi, the project will be updated with all of the new data you added while on-site and your trades will be notified. To make sure your team knows exactly what to look for, take photos of every deficiency and add them directly in the task comments. All content added to tasks is timestamped and real-time notifications are sent out to all parties involved. Tasks can easily be duplicated as well if certain items are found in multiple locations.

Creating Punch Reports

After the formal punch walk, come back to the office and generate a PDF or spreadsheet report. You can use a wide range of report template filters and sorting options to include the tasks you want in each contractor’s punch list. You can set-up automated reports that include all open tasks in punch list format and have them emailed to your team on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or on the fly at any time. When your crew has received the item report and completed their tasks, you’ll be notified and have final verification over their finished work. Utilizing checklists and photos will help you verify each task, and even if there are thousands of items in your project, detailed PDF reports collect all that data and spreadsheet reports will include links to all task photos and attachments for you.

Reach Closeout the Right Way

When closeout is near, streamlining the punch list construction process is essential to finishing strong and getting every aspect of the job right. Fieldwire is designed to be your punch list management app of choice, making it a breeze to identify, track and wrap up all tasks and deficiencies in one convenient tool. There’s no need to delay reaching the finish line with unproductive methods of handling walkthroughs and inspections. Fieldwire is a reliable and intuitive answer that will speed up and boost the efficiency of your punch list management for all of your current and future projects.

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