The highlights of Norb Slowikowski’s profitability directives comprise Part I & II of this four-part series. The second half of this series features information from Cecilia Padilla on how technology supports the path to organization and accelerates reaching the goal of maximizing profitability. The second half will focus on: Continue »

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In part I of this four-part series, Norb Slowikowski, president of Slowikowski & Associates, establishes that when all components of productivity are in place, a contractor is much more likely to earn a healthy profit. Also, if a project is disorganized, profitability will diminish. Part II will review how technology, the foremen, project management and communication play a role in profitability. Continue »

There was a time when a construction company’s assets could all be loaded into the back of a pickup truck. Jobs were simpler and plentiful. As the industry has expanded and matured, this has changed dramatically. From small specialty contractors to large general builders, the variety of assets and the cost of these assets have grown exponentially. Nowadays, contractors spend tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars on field equipment and office technology. It is simple to take a piece of field equipment and chain it, lock it, or hoist it 100 feet in the air; but what about the invisible assets? Continue »

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Jawharet Yem Aluminum Contracting (JYCO) was established in 2000 in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Today, it is one of the leading contractors of design, fabrication and installation of high-quality architectural aluminum systems. JYCO provides services to the public and private sectors with projects including educational facilities, residential high-rises, hospitals, multi-use buildings and government facilities. Continue »

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Queen City Lath. was established in 1953 by Ronald F. Kruger in Rochester, Minn. In 1981, it was incorporated as Queen City Construction, Inc. (QCC). A family-owned company, the current executive team consists of siblings Kyle, Stan and Susan Krueger. QCC specializes in EIFS, DEFS, cold-formed metal framing, light gauge metal framing, exterior gypsum sheathing, gypsum drywall, insulation and cultured stone for commercial projects such as hotels, hospitals, schools, strip malls and office buildings. Continue »

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Prior to the recent recession, approximately $20 billion was spent annually on new school construction, additions and renovations. As of 2011, that figure fell to just more than $12 billion, according to a report from Planning 4 Education. Like other construction sectors, educational facilities have felt the impact of delayed decisions and reduced funding. But all is not doom and gloom where education construction is concerned. Continue »