Running a business is not easy. Running a business that relies on company vehicles and trained drivers adds another level of complexity to the mix. One of the main concerns for fleets in any industry is vehicle maintenance. Regular maintenance of company vehicles is important – it reduces breakdowns, keeps vehicles on the road (and money in your pocket) and helps drivers feel safe while getting from job to job in a timely manner. Continue »

Most contractors are aware of the fine line that exists between making money and losing money on the equipment their company owns. That’s why smart construction organizations rely on equipment management software that helps them track every detail of usage and maintenance of the equipment on their jobsites. Continue »

It’s been around for years, but the concept of the cloud is still a difficult one for many to grasp. The name itself, simply a metaphor for the Internet, conjures up visions of important and private data floating around in the ether, which doesn’t evoke a strong sense of security. However, cloud storage provides multiple layers of security that, while not 100 percent guaranteed to keep your data safe, is much safer and more secure than many on-site servers and hard drives. Continue »

The cumbersome methods of generic accounting tools and spreadsheets demand redundant effort and time-consuming, duplicate data entry; and often amount to messy and complicated reports, disjointed information, and data prone to errors and/or omissions. Using these methods, it’s extremely difficult to collect the details needed to have a true picture of business performance. Continue »

The intersection of an aging workforce and market demands for new technology solutions necessitates the development of a new breed of construction executive. Learn the skill set necessary to become a construction executive who can manage multiple assets, increase efficiency and minimize errors. Continue »

Construction Software Buyer's Guide By Procore

Construction project management software offers construction professionals greater control over their projects’ success. Project management software increases project efficiency and accountability by streamlining communication and centralizing documentation in order to minimize risk and delays— ultimately boosting profits. Continue »

At the end of a project, how much time do you spend producing an as-built drawing set? Do you find yourself with too many notes and marked up pages to easily incorporate into a drawing set? Or do you fear that pieces of information have ‘gone missing’ during the construction process, leaving you with incomplete information to pass along to the client? Continue »