Mr. Brandon Paslay, NWE’s Owner/CEO, spent three years searching for the right project management solution to help improve operations at his company. Since NWE’s founding in 1979, his company grew and faced many challenges including document control, communication, reporting accuracy, lost revenue, limited risk management – errors in the field, and responding to RFls. Continue »

Profit fade is best identified and averted when the project information system is integrated into the company’s bidding, billing, costing and project management functions. It’s clear to see through the processes that require project managers to provide periodic forecasts of cost at completion. It’s important to recognize why profit fades. For example, when labor costs get ahead of project completion, the only way to get the project back on track is to know what is happening from a quantifiable standpoint. 1
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For more than 38 years, South Valley Drywall (SVD) has been recognized as one of the top interior and exterior contractors in Colorado. SVD prides itself on running a top quality business, treating both employees and clients with the highest respect. With this philosophy, SVD is fortunate to build a strong customer base, resulting in more than 90 percent repeat business. Everyone at SVD is committed to leveraging technology, maintaining an excellent safety record, and continuing to innovate in order to improve services and projects. Travis Vap, CEO and second generation owner, is leading SVD into a new era. Continue »

Bay Ltd., with offices and operations throughout the U.S., Latin America, Canada, and other International locations,is a full-service multi-discipline construction, fabrication, and maintenance contractor. The company provides services to industries involved in refining, chemical and petrochemical manufacturing, gas processing and transmission, offshore exploration and production, power generation, and refined products storage and transmission. Bay is also involved with infrastructure services, such as building roads, highways, bridges, and marine facilities for local, state, and federal governments, as well as private industry. For over 60 years, Bay’s professionals have pooled their diverse
talents to deliver solutions for their business partners’ most challenging construction projects. Continue »